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*Make the Bombusmod Chat DISPLAY CLEAR*

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*Make the Bombusmod Chat DISPLAY CLEAR*

Post by Sanjay2012 on Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:22 am

1. Go to Main Menu
2. Then tools
3. Options

4.[ AT TOP There You see a ROSTER ELEMENTS]
a. Erase the Tickmark of (Show Statuses)
b. Erase the Tickmark of (Show clients icons)

5.[GO DOWN there You see a MESSAGES]
a.Tickmark the ( Show ballons)
b.Erase the Tickmark of (show nicknames)
Leave them all default except up 2 points

6.[GO DOWN there You see a APPLICATION]
a.Tickmark the (share platform info)

7.[GO DOWN there You see a GMT OFFSET]
a. Put the current time of your city
b. Edit with 0, 5 , 9 , 12 etc serail to activate the current time

8. [GO DOWN there You see a PANELS]NEAR panels down you see a Show Time and Traffic

a. Tickmark (Show Time and Traffic) to display time and Data uses on Bombusmod Display. At LAST SAVE THEM ALL and enjoy with b0mbusm0d
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